Through Organizational Development…

We Build Cult Brands From the Inside-Out..

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I know what you’re thinking…

No, we are not talking about weird religious groups or “drinking the kool aid” when we say Cult.

We are talking about businesses with great Cult(ures) that yield a dedicated following that raves about their brand. 

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Welcome to The Management Suite, I’m Monique!

I have cracked the code on how to build a Cult Brands through organizational development that will attract employees and clientele that will rave about your brand.

The Management Suite is a boutique strategic management firm that focuses on organizational development. As a firm we identify and implement strategies to influence the desired behaviors of employees and customers for favorable business outcomes. Our efforts help micro business owners improve their leadership, build company culture, and increase retention for their teams and their customers.

“At the Management Suite we focus on the intangible assets that impact your bottom line.” Intangible assets include culture, strategy, operations, and innovation. 

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Our Vision

Our vision is for The Management Suite to be the top choice for serving micro businesses and organizations in Southwest Florida as the first black woman owned Strategic Management Firm in this niche improving professionalism, business strategy, operations, and innovation.

Our Mission

The mission of The Management Suite is to teach and consult on intangible qualities such as leadership development, culture development, and retention to serve micro businesses and organizations.

Our Values

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Our Unique Approach


Our leadership development is focused on improving the working relationship that leaders have with their teams. We use our signature P.A.C.E Framework to achieve leadership mastery.

Company Culture

We believe that intentionality is key and work with you to define your Mission and Vision Statement as well as set internal and external expectations for how your team and customers experience your business.

Team Member Retention

We will explore what it takes to retain a great team. 

Customer Retention

We will explore what attributes you should have in your business to create a cult brand and retain your customers.

Hear it from our clients

Work With Us

We are strategists, let us create the plan. Ideation, Positioning, and Frameworks are our specialty!